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Professional Chef Series with Chef Suren Krishnan Food Cost and Wastages in the Culinary Industry

With the rising of more entrepreneur, Taylor’s Culinary Institute had the privilege to invite Chef Suren Krishnan for Professional Chef Series to share on the importance of food cost and wastages in the culinary industry. Chef Suren has over 10 years of banqueting experience in 5-Star Hotels and Convention Centres, both in national and international fields under his belt. He is also a successful consultant involved in setting up numerous F&B outlet such as Mango Tree and the co-owner of Wondermama during its glory years.

Currently, he is the proud owner and founder of Tipsy Boar, a restaurant-retail that features all on pork products located in Section 17 Petaling Jaya. The Chef Series joined by over 100 participants starts with Chef Suren talking about his journey as a chef to an entrepreneur. Later he shares about entrepreneurism and the brigade system in the food operations, especially on the importance of food cost and wastages in the micro level that usually business owner neglects. These series have opened the students' eyes, aka future entrepreneur, on what need to be considered in the food cost & wastages aspect when running a business.


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