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Promote Unity Through #SaySomethingNice Campaign by Zubedy and Taylor's University

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS) at Taylor’s University, in collaboration with Zubedy (M) Sdn. Bhd, organized the launch ceremony of the #SaySomethingNice Campaign 2023. This campaign, which originally commenced in 2011, aims to foster positive unity among Malaysians. For nearly a decade, this 17-day campaign, which was held from 31st August National Day (Hari Merdeka) to 16th September Malaysia Day (Hari Malaysia), has inspired people from all walks of life to gather together and honour their common traditions, drawing inspiration from Tunku Abdul Rahman's vision.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the #SaySomethingNice Campaign (SSNC) has been relaunched, extending its reach from National Day to Malaysia Day. The inauguration was graced by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato' Sri Haji Fadillah Bin Haji Yusof on 29th August 2023, at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus.

The primary objectives of SSNC in 2023 were twofold, to encourage Malaysians to become more conscientious citizens and to reintroduce #SSNC as a platform for celebrating Malaysian unity and diversity. This campaign also raised awareness among Malaysians about the importance of maintaining a measured approach in their thoughts, actions, and deeds, firmly rooted in the Principles and Cita-Cita of Rukun Negara. The Rukun Negara pledge was recited by Thomas Ch'ng Hong We, a student from the Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in International Relations programme.

The collaboration between SLAS and Zubedy commenced in March 2023, following the integration of SSNC elements into a Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) module name 'Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban'. As part of this collaboration, students will produce a public service announcement video emphasizing the Principles and Cita-Cita of Rukun Negara. The #RukunNegeraSomethingNice project will continue into the upcoming semester, as highlighted by Prof. Dr. Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan, the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management (FSLM), during his welcoming speech. He emphasized that this initiative has allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of Principles and Cita-Cita of Rukun Negara.

Adjunct Prof. Anas Zubedy who is the Founder and Managing Director of Zubedy (M) Sdn Bhd delivered the speech and hoped that the theme of SSNC 2023 ‘Stay MEASURED to Move Forward’ can be participated by Malaysian through social media posting and events conducted by a partner of the coalition. According to him, Hari Merdeka and Hari Malaysia are special and not in competition with each other. The 17-day campaign period was to be a time of peace and truce.

The event was attended by 180 individuals, including dignitaries such as religious leaders Y.Bhg. Datuk K. Sri Dhammaratana, Chief High Priest of Malaysia; Mr. Jude Benjamin, Personal Executive to The Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur; and Dr. Hj Badlishah Sham Bin Baharin, President of Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia. Eminent personalities, including Y.Bhg. Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi and Y.Bhg. Datuk Ariff Farhan Doss, members of various NGOs, students, and members of the media, graced the occasion.


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