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Qualitative Research Series: Ethnography & Ethics, Discourse Analysis and Case Study

The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events has organized a Qualitative Research Series covering different strategy of inquiries and invited scholars from different universities around the world. These sessions were designed for Taylor's postgraduate students and academic staffs.

The first Research Series' topic was on 'Ethnography and Ethics’ and it was delivered by Associate Professor Dr. Paolo Mura, Zayed University, UAE on 20th May 2020, to share his experience on the fieldwork and ethical consecrations during the ethnography study.

For the second Research Series, Dr. Shantini Karalasingam, graduated from the University of Nottingham, Malaysia shared her experiences on Discourse Analysis. Her research on blended learning and values has a great contribution to educational studies. This session was held on 3rd June 2020 via Zoom.

The third Research Series on Case Study was held on 24th June 2020 and the invited guest speaker was Dr. Joo- Ee Gan, Monash University, Malaysia. She shared her knowledge of "Identifying the Right Research Paradigm and Theoretical Underpinning in a Qualitative Study”. Her expertise reflects upon social issues among residents in rural tourism.


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