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Renowned Clinical Psychologists Deliver Guest Lecture at the Master of Clinical Psychology Programme

The Master of Clinical Psychology programme from the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS) was honoured to have our Visiting and Adjunct Professor who are the renowned and experienced clinical psychologists and psychology experts in the field to share their knowledge, experiences, and skills to the students.

First, Prof. Dr. Keith S. Dobson, Visiting Professor from University of Calgary, who is also the former President of Canadian Psychological Association, winner of Aaron T. Beck Institute for Cognitive Studies annual award for “Excellence of Contributions to Cognitive-behavioural Therapy”, active researcher, practitioner, and trainer on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), shared on CBT skills and techniques as well as role played with students in the module, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. In the class, students got to see Dr. Dobson’s views on CBT and its application to different clinical disorders.

Second, Dr. Nivashinie Mohan, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist in Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur and ReGen Hospital Kuala Lumpur, who is also SLAS Adjunct Professor gave a glimpse of how neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist work in a private hospital. She shared about her experiences in becoming a neuropsychologist as well as her experiences in dealing with some challenging neuropsychological cases. The class had sparked a lot of interest among the students to venture into the field of neuropsychology.

Third, Madam Matilda Xavier, Adjunct Associate Professor and the Founder/Clinical Psychologist from Mentem Psychological Services indicated her vast experiences in dealing with children and adults who experienced trauma. She shared about the cases and skills that are important to manage this population. The students surely benefited from the class as they learned information that is not merely from textbooks.

Finally, Madam Loh Sit Fong, Adjunct Associate Professor and the Founder/Clinical Psychologist from Silver Lining Psychology Specialist shared about her knowledge and experiences in family therapy as well as children with behavioural disorders. With her immense experience in managing children and family cases, the students were grateful to learn some techniques before they embark on their internal clinical practicum, where they will be seeing clients of their own.

The journey to becoming a clinical psychologist for the students is challenging yet fulfilling. The Clinic Psychology programme is poised to provide more unique learning opportunities for the students so that they can be equipped with skills and knowledge to serve the population in the future.


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