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Renowned Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Munidasa Winslow Sheds Light on Understanding the Addiction

Professor Dr. Munidasa Winslow, a renowned Psychiatrist from Singapore and the Chief Executive Officer of Promises Healthcare, delivered an enlightening talk at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, captivating the audience with his profound insights into the complex nature of addiction. The talk was attended by students from the Master of Counselling, Master of Clinical Psychology and Bachelor of Psychology programmes. With decades of experience in the field of psychiatry, Prof. Dr. Munidasa has become a leading psychiatrist on addiction and mental health in the Asia-Pacific region.

Before founding Promises Healthcare, he served as the Chief of Addiction Medicine Department at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in Singapore, where he played a pivotal role in advancing the understanding and treatment of addiction and impulse control disorders. Prof. Dr. Munidasa's vast expertise extends beyond addiction medicine. He has also gained experience in coordinating general psychiatric care for prison inmates during his service at the Singapore Prison Service (SPS), demonstrating his commitment to provide comprehensive mental healthcare across various settings. During his address at Taylor's University, Prof. Dr. Munidasa emphasized the importance of understanding addiction as a multi-faceted disease that affects individuals physically, psychologically and socially.

He shed light on the various types of addiction that require comprehensive and evidence-based treatment approaches. Sharing from his extensive clinical experience, Prof. Dr. Munidasa outlined the various types of addiction, highlighting the significance of personalized care plans tailored to everyone’s unique needs. He stressed the importance of combining medical interventions with therapy to achieve long-term recovery and sustainable wellness. Following the presentation, the audience engaged in an interactive Q&A session, where Prof. Dr. Munidasa addressed various inquiries and concerns. Students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from such an esteemed expert.

Prof. Dr. Munidasa Winslow's session at Taylor's University served as a reminder that addiction is a pressing public health issue that requires comprehensive efforts from healthcare professionals, educators and society. By fostering a deeper understanding of addiction and providing effective treatment strategies, people can strive towards a healthier and more empathetic society that supports individuals on their journey to recovery. As Prof. Dr. Munidasa's enlightening discourse concluded, the echoes of his words are hoped to be a spark of determination to combat addiction and promote mental well-being. His remarkable journey as a Mental Health Practitioner brings valuable insights to improving mental healthcare for all.


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