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"Resepi Sihat: Fantastic Food" Cooking Demo by Chef Farouk organised by Bioeconomy Corporation

Chef Farouk was invited to be one of the key speaker for the online demonstration organized by Bioeconomy Corporation, Malaysia. Bioeconomy Corporation is the lead development agency for the bio-based industry in Malaysia, under the purview of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) who are responsible for executing the objectives of the National Biotechnology Policy (NBP) and acts to identify value propositions in both R&D and commerce and to support these ventures via financial assistance and developmental services.

The webinar elevated the spirits of those confined at home with the session entitled Resepi Sihat: "Fantastic Food" . It was a good opportunity to learn a new way of cooking and a refreshing experience for the participants. Several tips and secrets were imparted on preparing a delicious dish from the confinements at home. It also featured the borderless approach of teaching and learning at Taylor’s Culinary Institute.

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