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Revolutionizing Sustainable Food at Sustainable Food Camp 2024

Dr. Chong Li Choo, Associate Professor from Taylor's University's School of Food Studies & Gastronomy, has made significant strides in sustainability at the recent Sustainable Food Camp 2024, hosted by Sustainable Food Asia Co., Ltd. The event was founded with the visionary concept of establishing a new food standard that prioritizes environmental friendliness and human health. Sustainable Food Asia has been actively collaborating with companies in Japan and Southeast Asia dedicated to researching and developing sustainable food materials.

Their goal is to swiftly introduce these new food materials to the market, thereby laying the groundwork for a sustainable food industry for future generations. By combining the innovative materials created by these ventures with the technologies of Japanese food-related companies, Sustainable Food Asia aims to revolutionize the way food is produced and consumed. The Sustainable Food Camp 2024 provided an essential platform for individuals passionate about sustainability in food production and consumption to come together and exchange ideas.

One notable highlight was the engagement with ZUS Coffee, a Malaysian tech-driven coffee chain, which shared its plans to address the coffee grounds produced by its operations. Inspired by this initiative, Dr. Chong, along with a team comprising representatives from TUG Gelato by The Unusual Greens, Entomal Biotech Sdn Bhd, and Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Bhd, joined forces to brainstorm innovative solutions. Their collective effort led to the development of groundbreaking ideas, culminating in them securing the prestigious platinum prize worth RM10,000. This prize will serve as a significant catalyst to kickstart their project aimed at fostering sustainability.

Through harnessing their collective expertise, Dr. Chong and her project team aspired to translate their ideas into impactful actions that contribute to a more sustainable future. This achievement underscored Taylor's University's commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability.


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