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ROCKISS Rock on Festival Presented by Taylor's Events Management Students & Skesh Entertainment

After two years of hiatus due to the lockdown, Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events (SHTE) once again collaborated with Skesh Entertainment to organize Rockiss Rock on Festival. This event was held at The Grand Hall, Taylors University Lakeside Campus. There were several local bands and artist such as Pop Shuvit, David Soh, One Buck Short and many more performers. The main highlight of the event was the performance by American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts - Boys Like Girls during the event.

The event successfully sold more than 900 tickets. This collaboration has established a partnership between SHTE and Skesh Entertainment for Rockiss Rock on Festival, promoting Taylor’s Lakeside Campus as a Vibrant Campus by bringing in an international level music festival with both international and local performers and aimed to also leverage on the contacts of Skesh Entertainment for sponsorship of artist for future events in Taylor’s University.

This alliance has also provided the opportunity for Taylor's Events Management students to be guided by an Entertainment Event company in the operations of a music festival, promoting the events management programme through the collaboration with Skesh Entertainment and obtained publicity through various media groups such as TheVibes News, and

The students from Bachelor of International Events Management (Hons.) formed part of the events operations crew. Students were assigned several tasks ranging from registration, selling merchandise and supporting technical team. This event was a fantastic opportunity for the students as they were able to observe how the actual concert is organized which included crowd control, safety & security, artist management and being exposed to the real audio and visual equipment for concert. Besides that, students were also able to improve their communication skills by communicating and dealing with different stakeholders during the event such as the organizer, security team and the concert goers.

As an educational institution, providing knowledge is not only limited to the classroom and/or module’s assessments and activities, providing the opportunity for students to learn from the industry is also crucial.


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