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Roundtable Webinar on Digital Divide: Challenges & Solutions Organized by IPPN & Projek Ke Arah Baru

Dr. Benjamin Loh, Senior Lecturer from School of Media and Communication, Taylor's University was invited to present on the digital divide challenges facing students and workers as a result of Covid-19. This was part of a roundtable webinar titled “Digital Divide: Challenges and Solutions” that was organized by Inisiatif Pengislahan Pendidikan Nasional (IPPN) and Projek Ke Arah Baru.

The panelists discussed the challenges encountered by Malaysians in facing the pandemic with regards to digital access. Dr. Benjamin highlighted that a new digital divide had emerged as a result of Work/Learn from Home modes of working/learning which require not just Internet access and devices, but also physical spaces which many families do not have.

The event took place on October 29 and was stream live on Facebook:


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