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Sembang Chef: Fundamental & Live Experience for Catering Set Up

The webinar “Sembang Chef: Catering Set Up Activities-Fundamental & Live Experience” has gathered 170 participants, students, teachers-PVMA Secondary School & lecturers from Kolej Vokasional (KV) from Perlis to Sabah. This initiative is a collaboration between PVMA SMK Putrajaya, Kolej Vokasional & Taylor’s University School of Food Studies and Gastronomy aimed at providing a platform for a dialogue between Food Studies and Gastronomy by featuring the expertise of Chef Mohamad Zamri Bin Idris and Chef Sharizan Azali Bin Mohamed Zamzuri from School of Food Studies and Gastronomy, Taylor’s University, Malaysia & Research Chef Association (USA) and Cikgu Saptuyah Binti Latip, Head of PVMA SMK Putrajaya as the moderator.

The webinar has attracted the interests of diverse stakeholders, students, teachers and lecturers from PVMA secondary and Kolej Vokasional within Malaysia. The topics covered during the webinar based on PVMA Catering Set Up were:

  • Basic Catering Set Up activities such as what is a buffet?, Kitchen Layout & Flow Buffet Set Up

  • Knowledge on Buffet Set Up in hotels, cruise ships and restaurants.

The purpose of this webinar was to give better understanding of Buffet Set Up from the students’ perspectives, the lay out, flow and equipment, which will be useful during their theoretical and practical exam. Moreover, it gives the teachers and lecturers a better understanding of how to conduct their practical classes to suite the modern and advance buffet set up, to prepare the students to the real-world scenario.

The full recorded session can be accessed at the below link :


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