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Sharing Session by Michelin Starred Chef Sameer Taneja : Journey from India to London

Chef Sameer Taneja, the newly awarded Michelin starred Chef of Benares Restaurant in London, was invited as a guest speaker by Taylor's Culinary Institute to share his experience and journey from India to one of the few best restaurants in the UK. Chef Sameer from Delhi previously worked in many high-end restaurants, including Koffmann's at Berkeley Hotel, Brasserie Joel, and even the Three-Michelin Starred Waterside Inn in Bray, Berkshire, before being appointed head chef for Benares by Atul Kochhar. Chef Sameer shared his culinary journey from various learning environments to his most recent restaurant.

He shared his struggle to learn more about Indian cuisine, which was not his specialty. Chef Sameer's determination to excel in the face of adversity has won Benares restaurant one star, making it the only Indian restaurant among the seven new entrants to London's 'one star' list. We would like to express our gratitude to Chef Sameer for taking the time to share his experience with our Diploma in Culinary Arts and Advanced Diploma in Patisserie and Gastronomic Cuisine students. We wish him the best of luck in winning another star next year!


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