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Sip & Learn Session with Reuben Suresh Arthur, TCI Oenology Specialist and Certified WSET Trainer

Taylor’s Culinary Institute’s (TCI) Specialist in Oenology and certified WSET Trainer Mr. Reuben Suresh Arthur conducted a Sip & Learn webinar to share his knowledge on the different alcoholic beverage certifications available to suit different industries.

Mr. Reuben listed and explained all the certifications available in the industry and the importance of obtaining a WSET Certification while working as a Sommelier and F&B Personnel. The session was opened to public and participants with different backgrounds such as from Monash University, Singapore Airlines, Fine Wine Singapore, Inside Vine, W Kuala Lumpur and Taylor’s alumni from Indonesia attended this session.

Many participants were able to share their backgrounds and what were their future plans with Mr. Reuben for him to recommend which certification gives more value for them.

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