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SOMAC PR Students Impresses Department of Agriculture with Local Fruits Campaign

School of Media and Communication (SOMAC) Final Year students of August 2020 semester engaged with the Department of Agriculture on a campaign to promote local fruits. Themed “LocalBuah4U”, the campaign aimed to promote local fruits such as durian, rambutan, papaya, watermelon, among others through social media on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

A social media competition named “Get Lucky with Local Fruits Consumption” attracted many to participate and this enhanced visibility to the campaign. Three winners were chosen through “Wheel of Names.” Director of Crops Industry Development Division, Ms. Norsham, Deputy Director, Mr. Christopher John Biai, Head of School of Media and Communication, Professor Dr. Kashif Hussain and Lecturer cum Project Advisor, Ms. G. Manickam Govindaraju attended this online event.

The campaign wrapped up on 14th December 2020 at Department of Agriculture, Putrajaya by Director General, Datuk Hj. Muhammad Nasir bin Warris, Director of Strategic Development and Food Industry, Mr. Mohd Nazri Abdul Seman, Director, Ms. Norsham, Deputy Director, Mr. Christopher, Deputy Director, Madam Dona Lakai, and five officers. The module lecturer, Ms. G. Manickam accompanied the three students out of ten from the project led, Mr. Teh Tzun Kit, Ms. Nur Saffea Ernadya and Mr. Sidhatan Somasundraam to present the campaign’s overview and evaluation. This collaboration is one of the two projects that were executed by students from Public Relations Event and Consultancy module. The other group of 11 students concluded a project under the Malaysian Palm Oil Council.


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