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SOMAC Propassion Students Presented Final Report to Department of Agriculture, Putrajaya

Final year students from Public Relations Event and Consultancy module concluded their campaigns for Department of Agriculture (DOA), Putrajaya on 18th June 2021. Two projects were carried out for DOA by two teams from this group. One project is called “Youngriculture” campaign carried out for Extension Agriculture and Agro Based Industry Division that aimed to create awareness of available opportunities in the agriculture sector for young adults including graduates. Social media postings were made on Facebook and Instagram including online agriculture competition that showcased various youth agriculture activities during this pandemic.

An interview session with the CEO of Sarawak Media Group, Mr. Suhaimi Sulaiman was done to understand his perspective on agriculture. Three articles and two videos were published on TVS. The second project is an awareness campaign on Harumanis mango called, “Jom Harumanis” carried out for Crops Industry Development Division of DOA. Various social media postings on Facebook and Instagram were prepared and two articles were published. An interview with an owner of Harumanis mango orchard in Perlis was conducted online through the help of the Department of Agriculture, Putrajaya, and Perlis.

The final presentation of “Youngriculture” were attended by the Director of Extension Agriculture and Agro Based Industry Division, Puan Dona Lakai and five officers, while the “Jom Harumanis” were attended by the Deputy Director of Crops Industry Development Division, Mr. Christopher John Biai and his team of officers. Both presentations were successful and ended with praises for SOMAC and Taylor’s University.


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