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SOMAC Won First International Award for Best Public Relations Campaign in Asia Pacific Region

School of Media and Communication (SOMAC) proudly announces their first International Award for Best Campaign during the Public Relations and Communications Association of Asia Pacific (PRCA APAC) 2022 award ceremony held in Singapore. SOMAC has not only won the award for the University, but also for the country, Malaysia as the sole recipient for Best Student Public Relations Campaign in the Asia Pacific region. The award ceremony was held at Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore which was attended by the winning campaign’s Lecturer cum Advisor, Ms. G. Manickam Govindaraju.

The Best Campaign Award went to “Catch Up myGAP” which was organized by eleven (11) final year students of ‘ProPassion’, under the guidance of the Module Lecturer, Ms. G. Manickam Govindaraju, for the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia. This campaign aimed at bringing awareness on food safety to the public, especially to the younger generation in Malaysia.

Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice (myGAP) is a Malaysian version of United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization’s Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). The strategies included social media postings, pitching to digital media, and an online forum. The campaign optimized Facebook and Instagram as the platform to promote this campaign. On this platform, infographics, promotional videos, and a competition, entitled “MyPlate Challenge” were carried out. Judges for PRCA APAC 2022 commented that “MyPlate Challenge” was a brilliant strategy in achieving the objective of the campaign.

The School of Media and Communication extends their congratulations to the students involved in this campaign and to the supervising Lecturer, Ms. G. Manickam Govindaraju.


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