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Strategic Destination Marketing and Branding – Destination Marketing Organisations

Strategic brand management is meant to support companies in getting brand recognition, boosting revenue, and achieving long-term business goals. Managing a brand can include many aspects, from centralizing digital assets to upholding brand consistency across various touchpoints. When it comes to the strategic part of the brand (destination) management, it indicates a more long-term aspect of managing your brand. This often includes future-proofing your brand – setting up sustainable processes and scheduled iterations to empower your employees to create, manage, and develop the brand in a way that works without the risk of any harmful brand inconsistencies.

Total of 110 participants including students from the Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons.) programme as well as other registered participants from Philippines, Pakistan, India, USA and Brazil had the opportunity to virtually meet Prof. Leonardo Aureliano da Silva, who delivered the guest lecture on this topic. Prof. Leonardo is the full Professor for Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – ESPM, Brazil; Foreign Faculty Research Associate at ILMA University, Pakistan.

He has published and been a reviewer for many journals including Brazilian Journal of Marketing, Brazilian Journal of Tourism Review, Revista Hospitaliadade, Review of International Business, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Journal of Food Products Marketing, International Journal of Emerging Markets, and International Journal of Consumer Studies. Prof. Leonardo has delivered guests lectures in universities in Pakistan, India, Philippines, and Malaysia. Prof. Leonardo discussed the DMOs Strategic Planning and Implementation Process at several tourism destinations.

Prof. Leonardo used several examples during the lecture and shared valuable thoughts on the current pandemic situation and post Covid-19 behaviour of the tourists and tourism stakeholders. Prof. Leonardo shared useful tips on creating a brand management strategy. The most important points are making sure your brand positioning and values are aligned, actively monitoring brand reputation (who says what, where, and when), Centralizing your brand material to ensure stakeholders know what to use where, when, and how, frequently measuring, and analyzing brand performance – confirming all brand activities are on track. The webinar was a very insightful session for the students.


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