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Strategies in Maximising Safety and Minimising Risk in Entertainment Events By Hazily Harris, A World-Class Event Manager

In a captivating sharing session for students enrolled in the Event and Tourism Risk Management module, Mr. Hazily Harris, the Founder of Heavyweight Entertainment Asia, shared his invaluable insights as a guest speaker. The session, guided by Dr. Khairiah Ismail, a Senior Lecturer from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, provided students with a wealth of knowledge drawn from Hazily's over 16 years of experience as an Event Organizer and Promoter.

Mr. Hazily discussed his involvement in orchestrating some of the Malaysia’s largest and most complex festivals and concerts, as well as collaborations with global brands and people from around the world. He has contributed to more than 500 events across Southeast Asia, collaborating with over 500 international and local artists.

A notable highlight of the session was Hazily’s experiences organizing the “It’s the Ship” concert in Singapore, where he candidly discussed the encountered risks, offering a rare glimpse into risk management in entertainment events. He shed light on potential challenges such as crowd control, logistical aspects, and health concerns like exhaustion and heat strokes.

Hazily’s session was not merely a recounting of past successes and challenges but served as a masterclass, providing a roadmap for aspiring students and event organizers to navigate the unpredictable terrain of large-scale event planning.

In conclusion, students gained not only an appreciation for Hazily’s journey but also learned practical insights and strategies to ensure the success and safety of their future events, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation in the perspectives of events management.


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