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Students Achievement in Culinaire Malaysia @ Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) 2022

Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) is a national trade fair for food, beverages, hotels, bakery, restaurants, catering, and equipment that is conducted every 2 years. Other than exhibition, this event also organizes culinary and hospitality competition that involves professional in various categories where School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events and Taylor’s Culinary Institute have participated and sweep the board at Culinaire Malaysia aka Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) 2022.

FHM 2022 has attracted over 1,500 entries with an assemblage of more than 1,000 culinary professionals along with an audience of approximately 35,000 throughout the event days. School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events aimed to bring back the glory of winning and challenge being the leader as the Hospitality School in Asia.

SHTE had selected students from the Second Year & Final Year of the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (BIHM) and 4 Lecturer trainers to represent Taylor’s University in this Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) Culinary Competition 2022. BIHM Rookie Agnes Chen Au Wei bagged in a Gold Medal for the Mocktail category; BIHM Competition veteran Sean Choy Wei Lun won a Silver Medal for the Cocktail & Mocktail categories; another BIHM Rookie Ong Ye Cheng won a Silver Medal for Latte Art category; and, the Diploma in Culinary Arts student Kang Ha Young won the Bronze Medal for the Cocktail category.

On the other hand, 3 Advanced Diploma in Patisserie and Gastronomic Cuisine (ADC) students from Taylor’s Culinary Institute (TCI) competed in 2 categories which was Fish & Seafood along with Meat and Poultry, in which 2 of TCI students Joey Tiurma and Jack Yap Zhen Jie won Silver Medal. Whereas, Eason Leong managed to bag the Bronze Medal.

The relentless trust and the rigorous training provided by the stellar F&B Lecturer cum Trainers led by Mr. Tengku Murad with the enduring support provided by the team comprising of Ms. Chan Yi Lin, Ms. Zuratulraha Jaafar, Mr. Gopinath Sangaran and Mr. Chiew Boon Tian as well as Culinary Lecturer, Chef Farouk Othman. The school would like to congratulate the lecturers and students for not only holding onto the baton but also in continuing the legacy of competing with the industry.


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