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Study Smart: A Creative Discussion By Students for Students on Exam Stress and Tips for Exam Season!

Embracing the final examination season, Taylor’s Psych Society, from the Bachelor of Psychology programme, organized a creative discussion on how to maintain mental health and ‘study smart’ for their fellow peers. This initiative was led by Psych Society’s Board Member, Siti Farah Najwa Mohd Saiful, a 1st year Bachelor of Psychology student. The aim of this event was to help students of the Bachelor of Psychology programme with personal organizational skills as preparations for the final examination taking place early July.

After all, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”- Sir Winston Churchill.

The Psych Society aspires to provide opportunities for all Bachelor of Psychology students to become top class, competent graduates who have deep understanding and knowledge in the field of Psychology. Pursuant to their mission, three high achieving senior Bachelor of Psychology students who have demonstrated their competence were identified as panel speakers to share their study routine and exam preparation tips to provide a guide to students who face concerns on how to study effectively for the upcoming exams. The speakers were Brendon Ban Ren Jie, Former Psych Society President & Perseus Award Winner; Leen Ahmed, Recipient of Best Presenter Award at Malaysian Psychology Student Assembly (MAPSA) 2022, Perseus Award Winner & Student Representative at the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Programmes Committee; and Li Yi Xin, CGPA 4.0 student.

Throughout the session, the panelists shared their time-tested methods of studying and examination tips through a series of questions discussing the importance of note-taking strategies such as the use of Feynman technique, usefulness of productivity apps to aid students’ time management, methods to promote essentialism, active recall and tips on answering essay questions as well as reminding the participants the importance of their physical and mental health. Participants also asked questions to the speakers to quell any curiosities on their part.

At Taylors, we believe in facilitating collaborative learning through interactions between students as a step towards their academic achievement. Students are encouraged to take control of their learning and be a part of formal and informal discussions about their learning experiences. Collaborative learning also encourages social integration, which fosters a sense of belongingness to the campus community, which in turn brings on a lively campus atmosphere that promotes optimum academic performance.

“Collaboration allows us to know more than we are capable of knowing by ourselves” – Paul Solarz

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