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Taylor’s ADTP: Established & Affordable Pathways of United States Transfer Programs

The Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) organized a recruitment webinar recently on the 11th June 2022. The webinar was well attended by students who were keen to pursue undergraduate studies in the United States of America and Canada. The event was moderated by Ms. Erica Yeoh, a second-semester Liberal Arts Major from Taylor’s ADTP. The session started with an introduction by the Moderator followed by an Opening Remarks by the Head of Department, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Taylor’s University, Dr. Wan Puspa Melati. Dr. Melati highlighted the essentials of the Taylor’s ADTP pathway and briefly touched on the value of a US degree. Reminiscing her undergraduate days in the US, Dr. Melati encouraged the participants to move out of their comfort zones and enroll into modules outside their discipline to hone diverse skillsets and make the most of the holistic education philosophy afforded by the American education system.

Professor Russell Ganim, Associate Provost and Dean of International Programs at the University of IOWA, went on to speak about the highlights of pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of IOWA, citing the student and campus experience as top-notch. He provided many details about the IOWA campus, teaching, learning and research activities. He also expressed interest in planning a trip to Taylor’s University in the near future to speak and engage with students up close and personal. The University of IOWA Admissions Representative who was also present at the webinar, Ms. Aletha Groene, to explain the application process to the students and advised them to begin the process 9 months in advance prior to the enrolment timeline.

The next invited speaker was Dr. Kong Kaishan, Associate Professor from University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at ADTP Taylor’s University who spoke enthusiastically about the classroom and research experiences that her students are exposed to at the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire. She forwarded several concrete examples supported by interesting visuals on her attempts to connect Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Majors with culture and language within the scope of the modules she taught at the Eau-Claire campus. She also shared her experience as an international student who had pursued her undergraduate and postgraduate education across three continents – Asia, Europe and North America.

The webinar concluded with a short question and answer session whereby the students were interested to know more about financial bursaries and scholarships offered by overseas universities and further clarified on some of the unique features of the universities discussed.


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