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Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP): The Roadmap to Reopening Campuses

As Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) prepares to welcome students into the campus for face-to-face classes and engagements, and in preparation for the upcoming Winter 2022 semester intake, a webinar titled Taylor’s ADP: ‘The Roadmap to Reopening Campuses’ was held on the 22nd of January 2022, Saturday. The webinar featured two speakers from USA - Mr. Matt Melynk, Director of Student Recruitment from Brock University and Mr. Ruben Ricardo, International Recruitment Officer from University of Central Missouri.

The opening remarks were given by Dr. Loh Kah Heng, Programme Director of Taylor’s ADTP and the session was moderated by Ms. Erica Yeoh, a psychology major in her 1st semester at Taylor’s ADTP. Both speakers spoke at length about their respective university’s journey in navigating through the Covid pandemic for the past two years.

Moving forward, they remain optimistic about maintaining in-person classes while recognizing that change is a constant in the current pandemic environment. They emphasized on the need to adhere to the recommendations while on campus grounds, that is to increase vaccination and testing, extending mask mandates and limiting social gatherings which are all consistent with public health guidance all over the world.


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