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Taylor's Celebrates International Chefs’ Day 2021: Healthy Food for the Future

In conjunction with the International Chefs’ Day on 20th October 2021, the School of Food Studies and Gastronomy organized a webinar and a live workshop event virtually. The webinar titled "Healthy Food for the Future: The New Focus on Trends, Sustainability, Nutrition and Taste" was in line with this year's International Chefs’ Day theme "Healthy Food for the Future" aimed at promoting the importance of healthy eating and emphasizing sustainability and the environment to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

The online webinar was moderated by Chef Nur Khairunnisak Athira, Taylor’s University and presented by prominent speakers Chef Ahmad Kasdi, Executive Chef, Hilton RAS Khaimah Beach Resort, UAE, and Chef Ismail, Founder & Chef, HF Cuisine.

This webinar was followed by a workshop titled "Sustainable Gastronomy: The Modern Culinary Revolution" conducted by Taylor’s University’s Senior Chefs, Chef Zamri and Chef Norhayati who collaborated in producing and demonstrating recipes for dishes which are healthy and nutritious. The workshop combined the use of healthy ingredients with the latest culinary technology which are currently used in the foodservice industry. The workshop was moderated by Chef Nadzri Mohd Alim, Taylor’s University.

The objective of the webinar and workshop was to understand the importance of creating healthy food recipes to support healthy food consumption for the future. There were about 150 participants attended the webinar and workshop. Both events were attended by participants from various countries such as Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Germany. Very good questions and responses were received at the end of the session.


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