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Taylor’s Culinary Institute Borderless Learning: "Online Macaroon Masterclass" with Chef Aaron Tang

Taylor’s Culinary Institute was featured in the media by local Malaysian newspapers on how Taylor’s University adapted to the hurdle of online education via the Borderless Learning approach provided to the students. A hands-on session of an "Online Macaroon Masterclass with Chef Aaron Tang" was showcased to the media on how the students at Taylor’s University learns the culinary classes during study at Taylor's. The chef demonstrated to the media virtually on producing, preparing, filling, assembling and decorating the macaroons at the professional level. The university was able invested in to the Taylor’s Borderless Learning approach which features state-of-the-art equipment and to help online classes run smoothly to achieve their learning outcome within the safety of their home.

Taylor’s Culinary Institute’s state of the art kitchen is mounted with several instant streaming high-definition cameras which is able to Pan, Tilt and Zoom based on the lecturers need to adapt to the different movements and techniques which are shown to the students. The Lecturers are also equipped with the latest noise cancelling headsets to provide the students with the best audio and explanation without any surrounding noise within the kitchen that may distract the students learning experiences. Aside from the abovementioned features, Taylor’s E-learning masterplan also included the development and deployment of Lightboards which is a glass board that records what lecturers write in real time along with several different features such as Labster, Augmented Reality (AR) and Gamification elements into its learning sessions.

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