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Taylor's Culinary Institute Collaborated with TiffinLabs on Entrepreneurial Competition

In order to embed real-world environment and original input from industry partners, Taylor’s Culinary Institute collaborated with TiffinLabs to conduct an Entrepreneurial Competition in mid-2022 for Final Year Diploma in Culinary Arts students.

TiffinLabs is a global digital restaurant group founded in 2019 by industry veterans with leadership experience at the world’s leading restaurants, hospitality, food delivery and technology companies. With more exciting brand concepts planned, TiffinLabs aims to activate 500 storefronts by 2022. They create and scale delivery optimized virtual restaurant brands crafted by their in-house leading culinary team and proprietary food trend experts.

What makes TiffinLabs different from the common cloud kitchen? Their virtual restaurant brands are cooked on their own with their network of partnered kitchens compared to having only one fixed location. With them as an experts in creating food brands and launching new ideas, they have collaborated with TCI to work with our final year module, Food Production Operation which is an Entrepreneurship module for Diploma students.

Hence, a competition for the students to develop a proposal of creating a new virtual restaurant brand was held in collaboration with TiffinLabs. The top 3 winners won a cash prize up to RM1500 and the best creation would be featured as TiffinLabs new menu brand. This has brought a more meaningful learning experience for the students and inspired the students on how to open a restaurant brand upon being an entrepreneur in the future.

Taylor’s Culinary Institute is in discussion on working with TiffinLabs for a long-term collaboration towards a more valuable learning experience for the students at Taylor’s Culinary Institute.


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