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Taylor’s Culinary Institute Gives Back to the Community for Underprivilege Children

Taylor’s Culinary Institute (TCI) conducted a Community Service Initiative in December as an initiative to give back to the community. As a programme that serves and feeds customers, TCI provided food refreshments and drinks to Destiny Starting Point Welfare Association in Klang.

Destiny Home is specially designed for delinquent boys and girls from age 7-17. The home’s aim is to restore these lives that have been lured by undesirable elements and rebuild them to become a healthy and productive.

Lecturers from the institute, Chef Massyittah Omar and Chef Azuralisda Mohd Ghazali were greeted by 80 over children upon their arrival to receive delicious yuzu muffin, chocolate cacao bread and thirst quenching mocktails.

We look forward to hosting these children in Taylor’s Culinary Institute next year for a sit-down lunch.

The purpose of this event was to give back to the community and to provide the underprivilege children an opportunity to see how does the hospitality and tourism industry work for the future.


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