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Taylor's Culinology® 360 Experience | Physical & Sensory Testing of Low-fat Cookies

The food studies and gastronomy sectors are growing at an exponential pace and Taylor’s School of Food Studies and Gastronomy (SFSG) prides itself on matching every stride of this growth. With its dynamic programmes and outlook of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Culinology® programme that equips students with knowledge and skills in food product development, grooming them to be a part of the ready-made and processed foods industry. Strengthen R&D skills, master kitchen practices and get real-life experience through Taylor’s Culinology® programme.

This degree programme prepares professionals in the field of food product development, to enable them to join and lead the expansion of the food industry at the local, regional and international level. Students will focus on development of ideas and concepts fitting existing and new market, the elaboration of recipes and protocols encompassing mass production concerns and the ability to conduct sensorial analysis for quality control and product acceptance measurement.

A 3-days Culinology® 360 Experience workshop was organized to expose students to the field of Culinology®, which combines Culinary Arts, Food Science and Food Technology learning. The workshop aimed to educate the students from Taylor's College about the various aspects of food product development process. There were 40 students, 16 from Foundation in Arts, 12 from Foundation in Science and 12 from Cambridge A level participated in the workshop.

The workshop was divided into three sections which started from the low-fat cookies making followed by physical testing and sensory testing on the cookies. This workshop provided an exclusive opportunity for Taylor's College students to gain hands-on experience in the field of Culinology®.

All the students enjoyed learning the science behind of food ingredients used in making low fat cookies as well as evaluate the cookies quality in both physical and sensory aspect.


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