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Taylor's Hospitality & Culinary Arts Students Shine at Culinaire Malaysia Food & Hotel Malaysia 2023

Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events (SHTE), School of Food Studies & Gastronomy (SFSG) and Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI) have once again displayed their exceptional prowess in the field of hospitality and culinary arts at the prestigious Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) Culinaire Malaysia 2023. This culinary competition, organized by the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) in conjunction with Food & Hotel Malaysia 2023, took place in September and was a resounding success, with Taylor's University students and faculty achieving remarkable accolades.

FHM 2023, a biennial trade-only food and hospitality exhibition, is a hallmark event for professionals in the industry to explore new business opportunities. It attracted thousands of product displays, seminar programs, cooking demonstrations, and other engaging activities, making it a must-attend event for exhibitors and visitors alike. The event also hosted culinary and hospitality competitions that drew professionals from various categories.

The FHM 2023 event boasted over 1,500 entries, with more than 1,000 culinary professionals participating and an audience of approximately 35,000 throughout the event days. SHTE, SFSG and TCI aimed to reassert their leadership as the premier hospitality school in Asia. The efforts of these students and lecturers bore fruit, and the Schools proudly announced their remarkable achievements of successfully grabbing 11 Golds, 5 Silvers and 6 Bronzes.


  • Gold – 6; Silver – 3; Bronze – 3; Diploma – 1

  • Most Outstanding Team in Catering Services

  • Most Outstanding Coffee Connoisseur


  • Gold – 5; Silver – 2; Bronze – 3; Diploma – 1

  • Malaysia Young Tiger Cup Champion

These exceptional achievement stand as a testament to the unwavering commitment, passion, and talent in the field of hospitality education exhibited by the students and faculty of Taylor's University. Notably, their achievements are not limited to individual success, as their teamwork played a pivotal role in reaching such extraordinary heights.

Congratulations go out to all the students, student helpers, and lecturer trainers who dedicated their time and expertise to ensure the success of the Taylor's University team. This achievement underscores Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events, School of Food Studies & Gastronomy and Taylor's Culinary Institute, as a leading institution in nurturing talent and excellence in the realm of hospitality and culinary arts. As they continue to raise the bar, it is clear that Taylor's University remains a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


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