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Taylor's Master of Clinical Psychology Students Raised Mental Health Awareness Among the Public

In conjunction with the World Mental Health Day, Taylor’s University Master of Clinical Psychology students organized an event titled “Be A Catalyst: The Unmasking” on 10 October 2021 to raise awareness on mental health. This 4-hour virtual webinar consisted of two panel discussions and a workshop. The workshop started with a welcoming yet inspiring speech from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anindita Dasgupta, Head of School, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences followed by panels of discussions.

The first panel of discussion consisted of invited panels and clinical psychologists from the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, Ms. Felicia Oh Yen Suan from Hospital Mesra Bukit Padang and Ms. Chia Kueh Cheng from Hospital Selayang. Both shared their perspective, experiences, and knowledge from working in the public setting.

The audiences were able to understand better regarding work experiences from clinical psychologists from the East and West of Malaysia. Dr. Lim Hooi Shan, Programme Director of Master of Clinical Psychology and Ms. Sam Jeng Mun, Senior Lecturer from Taylor's University were invited in the second panel of discussion. Both shared about their work experiences as a practicing clinical psychologist as well as being an academician in the field.

The mental health screening and sharing of some psychological techniques were conducted by the Master of Clinical Psychology students. The psychological techniques that were shared by the students were diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness relaxation, and progressive muscles relaxation (PMR). The workshop ended well with the participants being able to bring home skills that can be useful in managing their emotions.


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