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Taylor’s University and Cutie Cottage Education Group Forge New Strategic Alliance for Enhanced Infant and Toddler Care

On June 6, the School of Education at Taylor’s University embarked on a transformative journey through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Cutie Cottage Education Group, emphasizing professional care for infants and toddlers in Early Childhood Education. The event featured prominent representatives from both institutions, including Prof. Dr. Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Logendra Ponniah, Head of the School of Education, and other dedicated staff members from the School of Education. Representing Cutie Cottage Education Group was the Founder and Managing Director Ms. Yew Tian Tian, alongside her team of skilled teachers.

Cutie Cottage was founded in 2010 by a pharmacist and a team of dedicated nurses. It has evolved from a small home-based baby and childcare center into a respected education group focused on empowering families and enhancing childhood experiences. The founder aimed to create a nurturing environment that blends healthcare knowledge with educational quality to assist working parents with young children. Cutie Cottage's core values of professionalism, transparency, and empowerment have guided its growth. The group now includes baby and childcare centers, kindergartens, after-school daycare facilities, language enrichment programmes, and an academy for teacher training and parent education.

In his address, Prof. Dr. Neethiahnanthan underscored the significance of this partnership amidst evolving family structures, noting that the prevalence of nuclear families today often leaves parents with limited support from extended relatives. He stated, “Given the economic necessity where both parents are working professionals, and they rely on childcare services, the importance of having proper infant and toddler care is even more significant in today’s society.”

Ms. Yew Tian Tian shared her personal challenges in finding professional care for young children, which reinforced the need for such an initiative. Prof. Dr. Neethiahnanthan further explained that while many childcare providers have emerged recently and numerous universities now offer early childhood education courses, there remains a critical gap in the training of graduates, especially regarding their confidence and experience in caring for infants under 15 months.

Taylor’s University is committed to bridging this gap through its collaboration with Cutie Cottage, leveraging Cutie Cottage’s extensive practical experience. The goal is to share knowledge and expertise in infant and toddler care from a medical perspective, positioning Taylor’s University as a pioneer in this vital field. The School of Education envisions a future where every child receives the highest standard of care from well-trained educators. This partnership aims not only to provide training, but also to ignite a passion for excellence in early childhood care.

Taylor’s University strives to set new standards, inspire change, and make a lasting impact, aspiring to become one of the leading institutions in preparing professional early childhood educators in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. As this collaboration unfolds, both Taylor's University and Cutie Cottage Education Group look forward to the positive changes it will bring to early childhood education and care.


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