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Taylor's University and Hernan Corporation Joint Forces to Pioneer Food Innovation by Establishing a Centre of Excellence in Food Development

The collaboration between Taylor's University, School of Food Studies & Gastronomy and Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd marks a significant step forward in advancing culinary innovation. Hernan Corporation stands out as Malaysia's leading exporter of durian products, distinguished by its commitment to quality and innovation, perfectly aligns with Taylor's University's expertise in food studies and gastronomy.

Hernan Corporation is a reputable manufacturer based in Malaysia and established in 1996. The company markets and distributes products to Australia, New Zealand, UK, New York and recently expanded to European Union countries, Hong Kong and China. It emerged as an industry leader in supplying the best quality Durian fruit and foodstuff products to customers. Managed by the owners, every employee works as a team and focuses on meeting challenges of evolving consumer preference. They operate a group of well established food manufacturing entities through it's subsidiaries, producing a range of quality Durian dessert and bakery products.

Taylor's University and Hernan Corporation have come together to explore the creation of a Centre of Excellence in Food Development. The meeting brought together key stakeholders from both organizations, with Datuk Anna Teo, Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Rafidah Jaguli, Group Head of Human Resources and Mr. Jason Ng Yoon Chun, Senior R&D Manager representing Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd and a team from Taylor's University including Prof. Dr. Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan, Executive Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anthony Ho Siong Hock, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Research & Enterprise, Ms. Siti Ramadhaniatun Ismail, Head of the School of Food Studies & Gastronomy, Ms. Adeline Yong Sui Yen, Director of Centre for Research Management, Dr. Wendy Lim Pek Kui, Programme Director of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Culinology® and Dr. Chong Li Choo, Associate Professor from the School of Food Studies & Gastronomy.

The primary aim of this collaboration is to create a platform for Taylor's facility namely Food Innovation Lab to work with industry partners, facilitating research and engaging its students in real-world projects. As such, Hernan Corporation will provide industrial-scale facilities for hands-on training over and above the pilot project at Taylor's University. Both parties are committed to developing an action plan to allocate resources and integrate the curriculum, with the aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering innovation in the field of food development.

Ultimately, the partnership between Taylor's University and Hernan Corporation exemplifies the vital role of collaboration in meeting the dynamic demands of consumers worldwide. By leveraging academic expertise and industry insights, this initiative is poised to drive culinary excellence and shape the future of food innovation.


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