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Taylor's University Brought Together Industry Experts at Food Regulation Colloquium

School of Food Studies & Gastronomy successfully brought together industry experts by hosting The Food Regulation Updates Seminar and Annual General Meeting by Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT) at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus.

The highlight of the event was the Culinology students’ exhibition booth, featuring food products made with Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). This was also part of the Taylor's Impact Lab 5: Food Security and Nutrition Initiative. The students presented a variety of items, including pastry, desserts and snacks, which drew a large audience, including the speaker from the Ministry of Health. The exhibition showcased the benefits of using BSFL as a sustainable and nutritious food source. The quality of their products and presentation received positive feedback, demonstrated the students' skills and passion for sustainable food production.

The event provided a valuable platform for networking and knowledge sharing among industry professionals, experts and students. We anticipate seeing more innovative developments in the field of culinology and sustainable food production, particularly through the efforts of Taylor's University Impact Lab 5: Food Security and Nutrition Initiative.


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