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Taylor's University School of Media & Communication Dominated the International Student Media Arts Festival 2024 in South Korea

The International Student Media Arts Festival (ISMA) 2024, hosted at Kookmin University, South Korea, concluded with remarkable success after a thrilling 72-hour film competition. Spanning from May 27th to May 31st, the event gathered talented filmmakers from across the globe to create compelling short films under intense time constraints. The festival commenced with a vibrant opening ceremony against the backdrop of Kookmin University's picturesque campus, setting the stage for a journey of artistic exploration and collaboration. Key figures, including the university President and ISMA organizers, highlighted the evolving landscape of media arts, emphasizing the role of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and platforms such as Midjourney.

Participants were organized into teams and treated to a cultural excursion to the Myeongwon Folk Museum, where they immersed themselves in Korea's rich heritage, drawing inspiration for their cinematic projects. Throughout the competition, teams explored diverse Korean landscapes and cultural landmarks, integrating traditional and modern elements into their films with creativity and finesse. Using Kookmin University's state-of-the-art facilities, participants refined their raw footage into polished cinematic works, incorporating visual effects and soundscapes to enhance their narratives.

The final presentations showcased three standout groups from Taylor's School of Media & Communication. Teejes' group crafted a VR-driven narrative showcasing Korea's wonders, blending tradition and modernity to captivate the audience and secure first place. Rifky's group adopted a vlog-style approach, highlighting Korea's unique beauty through a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, earning recognition as runners-up. Darlene's group tackled climate change's impact on urban environments with a poignant film advocating for environmental protection, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and also receiving runner-up honors.

The festival culminated in an award ceremony celebrating the participants' creativity and achievements. Winners were lauded for their contributions, underscoring the festival's role in fostering global storytelling and cultural exchange. Participants departed ISMA 2024 with cherished memories, new friendships, and a renewed commitment to artistic innovation, ensuring the festival's impact resonates worldwide in the pursuit of creative excellence.


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