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TCI Alumni Highlight: Chef Andrew Mah Chen Wei, Michelin Starred Restaurant Executive Chef, France

A successful Alumni of Taylor’s Culinary Institute, Chef Andrew Mah Chen Wei now resides in France and works as an Executive Chef at Hôtél de la Cité: Restaurant La Barbacane in Carcasonne, a 1 Michelin starred restaurant. In January, the restaurant was re-awarded a Michelin Star that they have been awarding for the past 5 years, making them one of the best restaurants in the region. Chef Andrew’s journey began with his studies in Diploma in Culinary Arts, followed by Advanced Diploma in Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine at Taylor's University.

This young passionate Chef decided to pursue his dream and landed a job in the South of France. The recipe of his success is cooking with passion, inspiration and creativity. He also believes that growing with the team is one of the keys to his success. Currently, he is into creating fusion gastronomy and it has always been his focus to merge different cultures into French Cuisine.

Andrew is skilled in butchery for both fish and meat, classical and gastronomic cuisine, as well as fusion cuisine, having majored in Chinese and Malaysian cuisine and Garde Manger. The restaurant has also been one of our proud internship placements for the past 10 years partnering with our Advanced Diploma in Patisserie and Gastronomic Cuisine program. This remarkable collaboration has allowed him to share his knowledge and experience with his juniors and guide them through their culinary journey.


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