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Teaching in International Schools: What Does It Take?

In conjunction with Taylor’s Professional Development Week, Taylor’s School of Education had invited Mr. Iain Sallis as the speaker for a workshop entitled “Teaching in International Schools: What Does It Take?”. The workshop in general aimed to provide a broad picture of the current scene in international education, as well as what would be required to become a teacher in the international school context. More specifically, the workshop objectives are as follows:

  • To provide student teachers with first-hand insights into the teaching profession in the international schools setting from the school leadership perspective.

  • To provide clearer guidelines/expectations in line with the current needs to student teachers in terms of the values, skills, and competencies required to be effective teachers in international schools.

  • To provide an overview of the field and an option to consider towards a hybrid/alternative career pathway for Taylor’s students.

The workshop was open to all Taylor’s students and attended by close to 190 participants, comprising students from a range of programmes such as Education, Psychology, Architecture, Business, Mass Communication, Quantity Surveying, International Hospitality Management, International Tourism Management, and Engineering. The workshop provided opportunity for participants to think critically about the essentials needed in the teaching profession in international education.


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