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The Creation of Tourist Destination Branding: A Success Story of Selakan Island by Aminor Azmi

Transforming a seaweed farming island into a diving destination is not an easy task. However, Mr. Aminor Azmi Bin Abdul Latip, Founder of Luma' Selakan, Semporna and Managing Director of Red Divers Sdn Bhd has proved it successful. Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events organized a Tourism Speakers Series on ‘The Creation of a Tourist Destination Branding: A Success Story of Selakan Island’. Around 40 tourism students joined and benefited from this insightful session. This session was also joined by the EXCO Members of the Malaysia Scuba Diving Association (MSDA).

Mr. Aminor Azmi was invited as a guest lecturer to share his experiences using a storytelling approach. He has been involved in the advertising industry since 2002. In 2013, he started to explore underwater photography and develop a business in tourism as a Scuba Diving Operator and he is now a certified International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD) Instructor.

He is ambitious and empowers local people in the tourism industry. Mr. Aminor shared his experience of how he ventured into the scuba diving business on a pristine ‘untouched’ island – Selakan Island. He started the business with zero knowledge in tourism. However, he used his networking, marketing and branding knowledge to develop his business.

On the other hand, he empowers the locals by hiring the locals to work for him. This directly improves the locals’ standard of living. Mr. Aminor also shared his view on how to brand a tourist destination successfully. It was indeed a very insightful session for the tourism students!


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