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The Evolution of Risk Management: "A Shift from a Black Swan to a Green Swan Moment?” by Prof. K

In trend of what is happening in the world today, the Master programme in the School of Media and Communication, organized a talk by Prof. Khaeruddin Sudharmin on "Risk Management: A Shift from a Black Swan to a Green Swan Moment?". Prof. Khaeruddin Sudharmin or better known as Prof. K was in the corporate world holding key positions in several companies for more than 30 years before joining academia. He shared with the audience the evolution of risk management in which decision-making was guided by the transformation and changes in human attitudes, the changes in technological demands and the acceptance of consequences in many aspects of our lives.

According to him, being able to see the patterns hidden behind events and identifying patterns in the seemingly unpredictable is one of the most useful powers for any corporate leader or practitioner to have. During the session, Prof. K discussed the approaches in managing risks based on today’s resources and urgency. His examples on real-life issues were backed by the latest figures from important resources. This captivated the audience’s interest that prompted questions from the audience. He also shared some of the mitigation efforts organizations today have adopted in their battle to stay afloat.

The battle faced by organizations includes artificial intelligence and cross-border cyberattacks, in which he believed that the society needs to be more vigilant and our reliance on digital infrastructure is on the rise. At the end of his talk, Prof. K mentioned that the way forward was to increase collaboration and to practice consistent reassessment on how we do things.

Prof. K is the member of the Global Advisory Council, International Institute of Risk Management & Crises Strategies. He is also a Fellow in Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Malaysia. He was the Asia HRD Awards recipient 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia and won the HTP Group ‘Blue Ocean’ Best Operating Company CEO Award in 2011.


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