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The Secrets to Visitor Management at Exhibitions by Mr. Jason Teh, Managing Director, PICO Malaysia

Mr. Jason Teh, the Managing Director of PICO Malaysia, was invited to share his insights on this topic. As part of the “Industry Insights on Event Management” series, students had the opportunity to learn and gather knowledge on various ways to successfully manage visitors at exhibitions.

Mr. Jason had experience in managing various mega projects and brand activation of several global brands during his tenure at PICO offices in China. Before taking on the role of Managing Director at Pico Malaysia, Jason was the Head of Events and has led his team to attain the Dragons of Malaysia Award in 2019. To increase exposure of young Malaysians to the Business Events (BE) industry, Jason is also the current Chairman of the Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (MACEOS) Youth chapter.

During his session, he provided students a realistic view on managing visitors during exhibitions as well as the attractions that would draw them to these events. He elaborated on crucial points that exhibition organisers should consider when organising an event and shared some trade secrets to excite visitors at exhibitions. The session was attended by 60 undergraduates students from the Exhibition Management module. It was a great opportunity for students taking the Exhibition Management module to benefit from wisdom and experiences of industry practitioners like Jason.


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