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The Ultimate Culinary Experience with Chef James Won for Taylor's Hospitality & Culinary Students

On December 9th, 2023, Taylor’s Culinary Institute had the pleasure of hosting a dining experience featuring Malaysia’s Celebrity Chef, James Won, at the Truffles Restaurant, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Chef James was the former Chef Patron of Enfin by James Won and is currently the Chef Patron of the newly launched restaurant Shin’Labo by James Won, which is also home to Asia’s only Krug Chef’s Table (Ryoutei).

The evening celebrated Malaysian flavors and culinary innovation. Chef James Won, known for his culinary expertise and inventive flair, curated an exquisite dinner with Taylor’s Culinary Institute Advanced Diploma in Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine students that delighted palates and immersed guests in a sensory gastronomic journey. Among the exquisite culinary creations, the esteemed guests were Her Royal Highness Tuanku Sultanah Kalsom, the former Sultanah consort of Pahang; His Excellency Axel Cruau, the esteemed Ambassador of France in Malaysia, and Yang Berbahagia Datuk (Dr.) Chef Redzuawan Ismail (Chef Wan), a celebrated Malaysian culinary icon whose presence added cultural significance and culinary appreciation to the evening.

The evening featured a captivating six-course menu with a fusion of Malaysian flavors meticulously paired with Krug champagne and delightful wines. The menu allowed guests to dive in and appreciate local cuisine more than ever, especially how the local elements contributed to such an exclusive dining experience. Additionally, the event provided an invaluable learning experience for the students, offering them direct interaction and insights from Chef James Won. Through demonstrations and conversations, Chef James shared his passion and techniques, inspiring the next generation of culinary professionals.

Taylor’s Culinary Institute was honored to have hosted Chef James Won and all esteemed guests and participants, whose presence elevated the event into an extraordinary dinner service by our front-of-house students from the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management and Diploma in Hotel Management. 


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