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Theatre Activities are Back in Action! Drama and Musical Theatre Bootcamp

With all of the excitement to practice and perform live in front of the audience, Bachelor of Performing Arts under TUTAS Conservatory (Taylor’s University and The Actors Studio), School of Liberal Arts and Sciences had organized a Drama and Musical Theatre Bootcamp on 26th February this year. The bootcamp was held in Experimental Theatre specially designed for students from 14 - 18 years old to learn fundamental practices on drama and musical theatre.

Under the guidance of our academics, Mr. Mark Beau De Silva, Senior Lecturer and Ms. Anrie Too Sze Yuing, Lecturer from the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, participants had spent the whole day learning and exploring their interest in theatre practices. This bootcamp was divided into two sessions where students were engaging with other participants with some exercises and games in the morning and working on a simple performance in the evening.

Some of the area covered in the bootcamp includes monolgues, improvisation, crafting the script and performer’s interactions. Participants that attended this workshop were mostly students from Klang Valley schools and those interested in performing arts major. The bootcamp ended with a simple performance delivered by the participants. With strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) implemented during the session, this kind of theatre activities for young students will provide more platform and networking for young students to learn and appreciate arts in general.

For more information about performing arts programme at Taylor’s University, please visit facebook page at


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