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Transnational Crimes & Human Trafficking Exhibition by Bachelor of Social Science Students

The Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in International Relations students who took the "Regional Organisation, Integration and Cooperation" module held a poster exhibition comparing transnational crimes and human trafficking in ASEAN and other regions as part of their work under the Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Impact Lab. The exhibition was held in front of the Student Life Center, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus and was well-received by students, staff members and the public.

The exhibition's goal was to raise awareness about different types of human trafficking, such as sex trafficking, forced labour, child trafficking and organ trafficking. It provided students with the opportunity to present their research findings to the public while improving their presentation and communication skills. The students used a variety of visual aids, including posters, cards, multimedia and statistics, to present their research findings and highlighted the differences between the situation in ASEAN and other regions. They also responded to the questions and provided additional information to the visitors.

The exposition was a success, as many students and faculty members came by to listen to the students' presentations and asked questions. The students who presented the issue were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate, which made the exhibition engaging and informative. This poster exhibition was an excellent example of how students can use their research to impact and raise awareness about important issues positively.


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