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Triangular Collaboration Between Taylor's University | Academia, Omnicom Media Group | Agency & McDonald's Malaysia | Client

Taylor's School of Media and Communication (SOMAC) has always been a pioneer in innovative pedagogy. In a recent development, SOMAC initiated a groundbreaking educational partnership involving a unique triangular collaboration with Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the #1 ranked global media group for net new business; and their esteemed client, McDonald's Malaysia. This initiative provided students with a practical learning experience, bridging the gap between academic theory and real-world business challenges.

Over a span of three weeks, students from two specialized modules – 'Media Planning & Analysis' and 'Strategic Copywriting' were immersed in a real-world scenario that challenged them to apply their classroom learning in a professional setting. Collaborating closely with top-tier professionals from OMG and McDonald's Malaysia, students were tasked with developing comprehensive strategies to meet two primary objectives, which were to increase downloads of the McDonald's app and rebrand McCafe to achieve higher turnover.

This initiative culminated in a rigorous and inspiring presentation session, where 12 student groups showcased their strategic proposals to the partners. The creativity and depth of the students' work were evident, reflecting their keen understanding of contemporary media landscapes and consumer behavior. The final round of presentations was graced by prominent industry figures, including Ms. Melati Abdul Hai, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald's Malaysia and Mr. Mayank Bhatnagar, Managing Director of OMG, among others.

Ms. Melati Abdul Hai commented on the initiative, saying, "The creativity and insight demonstrated by the students were truly impressive. It's initiatives like this that prepare the next generation of marketers for the real world."

The competition was intense, and the stakes were high. The top three groups were awarded for their outstanding strategies and creative solutions. The prizes were substantial, with the first prize being RM 2,500 cash vouchers, the second RM 1,000, and the third RM 500, underlining the value and recognition given to the students' efforts.

This partnership has set a new benchmark in experiential learning. By engaging directly with industry leaders, SOMAC students not only gained real-world experience but also had the opportunity to make a tangible impact on a major brand's strategy. This model of collaboration between academia, agencies, and clients paved the way for future projects that can enrich the educational journey of students, making them industry-ready. This initiative was a testament to SOMAC's commitment to providing education that transcends traditional boundaries. By fostering such partnerships, SOMAC not only enhanced the learning experience but also reinforced its position as a leading institution that is attuned to the evolving demands of the media and communication landscape.

As we celebrated the success of this partnership and the achievements of our students, SOMAC looks forward to exploring more innovative collaborations that provide our students with a competitive edge and a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic world of media and communication.

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