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Triumph of SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research - Soaring High in Scopus Rankings!

In the ever-evolving world of academic research, recognition is a hard-earned currency that validates the relentless dedication and intellectual rigor of scholars. For the School of Media and Communication, Southeast Asia Research Centre for Communications and Humanities (SEARCH) Journal of Media and Communication Research, is a publication committed to exploring the multifaceted realms of General Arts and Humanities, achieving a Q1 Scopus ranking is a crowning achievement and a testament to their unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge.

SEARCH Journal's meteoric rise through the Scopus rankings is nothing short of remarkable. In the latest Scopus rankings, the SEARCH Journal achieved a coveted Q1 Scopus ranking in the categories of General Arts and Humanities and Cultural Studies. Q1 ranking signifies that it is among the top-tier journals in the field, setting a new standard for scholarly excellence in the Arts & Humanities and Cultural Studies. This achievement validates the countless hours spent by authors, reviewers, and editors who have tirelessly worked to maintain the highest levels of academic integrity.

But SEARCH Journal's achievements do not stop at 'General Arts & Humanities' and 'Cultural Studies'. In a testament to the journal's multidisciplinary approach, it has also secured Q2 ranking in the category of 'Communication'. This remarkable recognition highlights the journal's versatility and its ability to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. Communication is fields at the forefront of exploring societal dynamics, media, and cultural expressions. SEARCH Journal's Q2 ranking in this category reflects its ability to attract and publish cutting-edge research that delves deep into the complexities of our modern world. It is a nod to the journal's commitment to understanding the nuances of communication and culture in an ever-changing global landscape.

The journal has long been a beacon for academics, offering a platform for groundbreaking research across the broad spectrum of Arts and Humanities. It has been a journey characterized by tireless effort, a dedication to academic excellence, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of knowledge by the School of Media and Communication. As SEARCH Journal celebrates its newfound recognition in Scopus rankings, it is clear that this is not a destination but a steppingstone. The journal remains committed to its mission of advancing knowledge, promoting critical thinking, and encouraging dialogue within the academic community. This achievement serves as a catalyst for even greater achievements in the future.

The journey to Scopus success has been a collaborative one, fueled by the dedication of the entire SEARCH Journal community. The Taylor’s School of Media and Communication academics, SEARCH’s editorial committees, authors, reviewers, editors, and readers have all played a vital role in this remarkable achievement. This milestone underscores the importance of fostering a culture of academic collaboration and mentorship in academia.


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