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Triumph of Sustainable Innovation: Taylor's Culinology Student Project Shines at 'FDM 2023' by SIAL

Taylor's Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Culinology final year project was successfully showcased at the esteemed Future Food & Agriculture Expo in conjunction with Food & Drinks Malaysia (FDM) by Salon International de l’Alimentation (SIAL) 2023 event. The project focused on utilizing banana pseudo-stem as a sustainable ingredient for plant-based food. The event received high praise from trade visitors and companies, with positive feedback highlighting the innovative approach and commercial viability of the student-created products.

'FDM 2023' by SIAL is an annual flagship B2B trade exposition for the food and beverage industry that aims to promote entry into Asia's food capital, position Malaysia as a key market within Southeast Asia, and fully capitalize on this crucial opportunity due to a thriving Halal environment. It also offers a unique experience to connect, create new business networks with associated organizations and services, and learn through personalized knowledge-based seminars on food and beverage industry. As part of the exhibition's goal was bridging businesses through partnerships.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture & Food Security, YB Tuan Chan Foong Hin, honored the showcase by tasting the products and expressing admiration for the students' work. Notably, the Founder of West England Company also wrote an article spotlighting the showcase, further elevating its recognition.

In a departure from traditional evaluations, the showcase also served as the students' final year project presentation, evaluated by the industry panels and received feedback from the public. This successful event solidified the reputation of Taylor's Culinology programme as a pioneer in sustainable healthy food innovation, and the students' achievements continue to shape a brighter future for the food industry.

On top of that, Taylor’s Food Security & Nutrition Impact Lab is also awarded Food System Change Maker Award for recognition of exceptional contributions in driving food systems change for enhanced food security, sustainability, youth empowerment and social development, creating a positive impact for present & future generations.


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