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#TUFF 2022 Workshop on Content Creation with Adobe Premiere Rush by Amandeep Singh from Adobe Inc.

Mr. Amandeep Singh, Senior Customer Success Manager from Adobe Inc., was invited by School of Media and Communication in collaboration with Taylor's University Film Festival 2022. He shared his knowledge on Adobe Premiere Rush, teaching us the basics, showing new features, sharing tips and techniques for would-be content creators. The session was divided into 3 parts of a 5-mins basic introduction, the actual step-by-step walk-through which lasted for 55-mins, and then finally followed by a 10-mins Q & A session at the end, where participants were able to ask questions via the link that was provided beforehand.

A total of 80 people from within and outside of Taylor’s University registered for this one (1) hour session. While the webinar was conducted through Microsoft Teams, it was also live-streamed via the School of Media and Communication’s Facebook page at


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