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Turning Passion into Successful Business!

Amrita Atmadja, an Alumni of Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Owner of Amrita Delicacy, Bandung, Indonesia was cordially invited by Taylor’s Culinary Institute (TCI) to share her success entrepreneur journey to Diploma Culinary Arts (DC) semester 2 students, in which 65 DC students participated in her sharing session. She is one of TCI's successful alumni and enthusiastically shared her journey from graduating from Taylor’s University to owning her own bakery in Indonesia.

In the hope to inspire her juniors and encourage them not to giving up on their dreams, Amrita shared about her university years, her participation in Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) Singapore where she gained many new insights and experience in desserts and patisserie making.

After graduating from Taylor’s University, she had the opportunities to work in different companies and restaurants to gain different exposure. Hence, she decided to pursue her interest in bakery, dessert and customizable cake. Her cafe was one of the few that survived during the pandemic that hit Bandung, because she was able to revolve from traditional business and start selling online through different platforms such as Grab and Tokopedia delivery or self pick up. She also mentioned to the DC students that it is important to find a core product of the cafe/restaurant and just keep improvising the core products to impress the consumer.

Furthermore, she shared that having the internship in hotels will shape the students into an all-rounded person as they will experience different roles in different department at the hotel. She advised her juniors that nothing is too difficult or impossible to achieve, it is only a matter of how they perceive things.

The session ended by a Q & A, where participants were all excited and interacted with Amrita. They gained an insight of what internship is like, how and what they need to have to become an Entrepreneur.


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