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Under One Roof: Malaysia & Japan - English Communication and Culture Camp

The English Communication and Culture Camp was held for 21 high school students from the Oteman Gakuin (19) and Otemon Gakuin Otemae (2), Japan. The 3-day workshop was conducted via the Zoom Meeting platform by Dr. Kalai Vaani Rajandram and Ms. Kelly Tee Pei Leng, Senior Lecturers, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Besides English classes, Under One Roof session was provided to expose participants to Malaysian history, culture and the Malay language were conducted by Dr. Sharala Subramaniam, Lecturer, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The workshop was divided into two sessions which were designed to help participants in speaking via discussions and presentations. This workshop aimed to develop the competency in speaking in teamwork, digital literacy and problem-solving. The instructors ensured that it was delivered with the usual high standards of Taylor’s University. Feedback from the participants were that they enjoyed the session, more confident to speak in English and learned new things during the workshop.


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