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Vintage Champagne Masterclass Tasting in Collaboration with Lanson Champagne, France by Mr. Maxime

Taylor's Culinary Institute hosted a Vintage Champagne Masterclass Tasting for the public. Participants participated in the tasting after registered with our local partner Cave and Cellar. The goal of this event was to raise awareness, introduce Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certification to the public, and serve as the venue sponsor for our long-standing partnership with Cave and Cellar.

The session was open to the public for a fee of RM 180 per person, however Cave & Cellar provided Taylor's with 12 complimentary seats for this workshop. In collaboration with Lanson Champagne from France, the producer Mr. Maxime Boureille was present on our campus and introduced all the different champagnes. He also gave a tour of his vineyard and introduced his company’s vision and philosophy.


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