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"What is Sponsorship"? "What is Funding?" The Key Strategies on Boosting Your Event Revenue

“What is Sponsorship? What is Funding?” two questions asked by Natalia Nadirah Saiman, Research and Sales Administration Manager at Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC) during the Guest Speaker session for Events Sponsorship and Funding module. Natalia is a result driven strategist with more than 22 years of experience, offering logical and forthright thinking and ability to provide effective solutions to solve complex challenges.

The session covered the additional sources of event revenues, where she covered government grants, merchandise, participants and spectator fees. Other than that, Natalia shared her key tactics to get sponsorship, which consisted of researching potential sponsors, telling your organization's story and to providing incentives.

Natalia also shared her experience in the industry and the types of sponsorship and Return on Investment (ROI) expectations from her clients. The session ended with a Q&A session where students asked questions on experiences working with corporate companies and government bodies. The session was filled with information sharing and interest questions from the students.


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