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Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Programme for Cinnamon Group by Taylor’s Culinary Institute

Taylor’s Culinary Institute has conducted Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 programme for 15 participants from different outlets of Cinnamon Group.

The Cinnamon Group's mission is to pair top-of-the-line culinary experiences with incredible customer service. Their diverse lineup of premium restaurants and bars are defined by authentic offerings, bold flavors and culinary innovation. This dedication to quality has earned their restaurants notability across Malaysia and abroad, including awards and recognition from Tatler Asia, the Michelin Guide, and most recently, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

From the 3-day programme, Cinnamon team learnt the wine pairing with the knowledge of how a particular wine is produced and the characteristics of each grape varieties. Our Oenology Specialist and certified WSET Trainer, Mr. Rueben Suresh Arthur, not only trained them on how to define wine by understanding the geographical location of where the wine is produced, but also the different systems of producing wine and the new trends of wine.

Mr. Reuben shared his personal experience of studying abroad in different wineries to keep the participants excited and the programme interesting. He also presented to them the traditional way of serving wine from a gueridon, how wine should be opened and served to the guest.

Taylor’s Culinary Institute is always ready to share the knowledge and experience with those who wish to know more about wine and the industry. We believe that with the global recognition certification of WSET, the Institute will be able to bring the participant’s wine knowledge to a whole new level.

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