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Women Chefs Know No Limits!

In conjunction with International Chef's Day 2022, Taylor’s Culinary Institute (TCI) hosted a dining event to celebrate the successes of Women Chefs to inspire the next generation of chefs. The theme of this year’s celebration was “Women Chefs Know No Limits”, highlighted their accomplishments and struggles they have overcome. The event showcased successful alumni who are female Chef, Restaurateur and Owner. They were invited to guide and lead a female only team of students towards preparing a 5-course fine dining dinner for the media and invited guests.

In various industries, women have faced the stigma of not being able to perform similar level as their male peers. While this perception has been disproven by countless women decades ago, yet many still carry these outdated views. These views extended into the culinary world as well, as the heat and pressure of professional kitchens were thought to be more suited to the likes of men who can handle tough working environments better.

However, with grit and persistence, the women chefs featured at this dinner found success with their own culinary talents and shared a taste of their skills in the event’s menu. Among the lineup of the guests to the dinner were Alumni Chef Venessa Jia Yi, Pastry Chef & Co-Founder of JY Food Lab; Chef Illiana Zakaria, Chef & Owner of Ficus Bistro; and Chef Stephanie Joanna Sia, Head Pastry Chef of Akâr Dining.

TCI is in support of the empowerment of women and kitchen equality within the culinary industry.


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